Constanta - Istanbul 4 times a week since May 2014

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During the day yesterday, the ticketing agents had the opportunity to discuss with the team Turkish Airlines about the possibilities of stimulating sales on flights operated by Turkish Airlines from / to Constanta.


During the meeting, Yigit Yalcin, general manager of Turkish Airlines Constanța, said there are high chances that the number of flights on the route Constanta - Istanbul to grow at 4 per week, and this could happen from mid-May, according to

Since the inauguration of the route Constanta - Istanbul, Turkish Airlines carried approximately 10 000 of passengers, and the average aircraft loading rate was 45%, according to Currently, the route is honored with 3 weekly flights, on Wednesdays, Fridays and Sundays, and the fare starts at 99 EUR (round trip with all taxes included).

Judging from these figures, I find it hard to believe that Turkish Airlines will also introduce the 4 flight to Constanta. The very low degree of loading clearly shows that this route is not very profitable and there is no very high demand on the route. It is good in the current context, in Dobrogea there are many Turks, but I do not see it as a special feature for Romanian tourism. I don't think the Turks are coming to our coast. Let us not forget that they invented the all-inclusive resort at very good prices.

I think the Romanian coast has to come up with something special to attract as many tourists and not just seasonal accommodation units, and the target has to be very well defined. Mihail Kogălniceanu International Airport it has a great potential, being the only one that can serve the coast of Romania, but it is not exploited to its true value.

Varna airport, located south of Constanta, is doing very well. In 2012 it was transited by over 1.2 million passengers, over 1 million being tourists coming with international flights. Dozens of airlines have charter flights to Varna. I am aware that Bulgarians are better at tourism compared to Romania, but what did they and we do not?

  1. Nicky says

    They did and do tourism as written in the book, it is not by ear like us!

    1. Sorin Rusi says

      Do you think it's enough to learn from books? :)

      1. AlexO says

        It is not enough, but it is necessary!

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