Constanța - Milan with Blue Air, from April 30, 2017

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Starting with 27 April 2017, Blue Air will inaugurate the 7-based operational portfolio in Constanta.

Constanța - Milan with Blue Air

An aircraft of the type will be allocated Boeing 737 and 3 international routes and 4 domestic routes will be operated. We have notified you about 2 from international routes: Constanta - Rome and Constanta - Paris. The 3 route is Constanta - Milan.

It is not a new route, but a resumption of flights that will start on April 30 2017. In the past, the first flights Blue Air, On route Constanța - Milano, have been operated since 2 May 2015. Let's hope it won't be a seasonal route!

The flights will be operated by aircraft from Constanța, twice a week (Wednesday and Sunday), following the following schedule:

0B411 Constanța 07:00 - 08:30 Milan (Bergamo)
0B412 Milan (Bergamo) 09:15 - 12:45 Constanța

Milan is that destination that you have to visit at least once in your life. The list of sightseeing starts with the Milan Dom, then the Piazza del Duomo, the Sforzesco Castle, the Scala theater in Milan and the list can go on.

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