Consume video and internet games responsibly

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In recent years, the consumption of the Internet and especially video games has increased greatly. Studies show that worldwide, over 2.4 billion users worldwide spend tens of hours on their phones or laptops practicing video games.

People choose to play games in order to relax, to test their skills in a digital competition, but everything must be done in a responsible and modest way. Including on flights, airlines are looking to introduce entertainment systems and attractive games to keep passengers captive in various activities, and time to pass faster.

The video game industry is witnessing changes and trends in technology and society.

The video game industry is witnessing changes and trends in technology and society. The video game market has grown by more than 90 billion dollars in 2020, which means a lot of money spent on creating games, but also on selling them.

The ecosystem in which these games are played has also evolved. It went from classic consoles, to high-performance computers and laptops, then to smartphones and more recently on TVs. The gaming console industry has not lagged behind either. Currently, all devices dedicated to gaming can be interconnected, and the player can play on any gadget he wants in his possession.

In addition to the hardware, games have also been developed. In fact, the idea of ​​games has existed since ancient times. Let's not forget the classic activities in the community. Let's not forget the existence of playing cards, backgammon, rummy and other games, even those practiced in classic casinos.

From classic games to digital ones

Among the oldest casino gaming systems are those slot machines, more popularly known as "pecans". And now it has moved from classic games to digital / virtual / online. Newer can play pacanele online with real money.

So it is not a novelty that people have been looking for fun in the practice of games, traditionally on the table, mechanical or digital. And they all started with the need for man to have fun and relax. Later, the stakes were introduced in some of them, and the practice of those games moved to a more serious sphere.

It matters less how a game is played, but we must not forget to be responsible and sober. Whatever it was and whatever it will be, our recommendation is to responsibly consume the internet and video games. That is, do not bring the battles in the games in real life, do not spend more than you can afford to lose, do not spend tens of consecutive hours in applications.

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