Contest: "Let the airplanes smile"

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SIBIU International Airport launches, during the period March-May 2015, a new campaign through which it wants to get closer to the community and grow with it. "Let the planes smile at you”Because aviation fascinates souls. The SIBIU International Airport will encourage the community to become actively involved in photographing aircraft taking off or landing in Sibiu.

The campaign will be conducted at the regional level, during 12.03.2015, starting with 16: 00 - 03.05.2015, until 23: 59. This individual can participate in any natural person, Romanian citizen, with a minimum age of 18 years fulfilled until the start date of the Campaign, with domicile in the counties in the area served by the SIBIU International Airport (Sibiu, Hunedoara, Braşov, Alba, Mureş, Cluj and Valcea).

Anyone who fulfills the conditions of participation must take photographs with airplanes of Lufthansa, Austrian Airlines, Blue Air, Tarom and Wizzair companies that land or take off from Sibiu International Airport. The photographs can be taken from different locations of Sibiu (Sub Arini Park, Piata Mică, Piaţa Mare, Sibiu International Airport, etc.). Preferably, the photographs with planes that capture also architectural elements of the city of Sibiu.

The photos taken can be sent to the address [email protected] (where name, surname and age are mentioned), posted on Facebook ( or Twitter ( pages or by private message on the two social networks. Photos taken must not contain watermark. The winners will be nominated on 05 May 2015, after 12.00 time, by judging the pictures by the Marketing team of the Sibiu International Airport.

To the extent that the above conditions are met, the following prizes will be awarded:

• 1 Model Wizzair Airbus A320 (1 / 100) awarded to the winning photograph with a Wizzair aircraft;
• 1 Tarom Airbus A318 (1 / 100) model awarded to the winning photograph with a Tarom plane;
• 1 The Lufthansa Boeing 747-8i (1 / 200) scale model awarded to the winning photograph with a Lufthansa or Austrian Airlines aircraft;
• 1 Blue Air branded product package awarded to the winning photograph with a Blue Air plane.

The winners will be notified by a representative of the Organizer of the result in maximum 1 working day from the date of the judging, on the pages of the Organizer Facebook, Twitter and by mail. To gain possession of the prize, the winner or a representative named by him and communicated to the Organizer in advance will move to the headquarters of RA International Airport SIBIU.

The award will be delivered at the headquarters of the Sibiu International Airport (Marketing Office), the winner or the representative named by the winner is obliged to sign the declaration in the presence of an AIS representative. Delivery will be from Monday to Thursday, between the hours 7.30-16.00, and Friday, between the hours 7.30-13.30. The prize will be awarded to the winner within 30 days from the end of the Campaign.

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