Continental Airlines was acquitted of any fault in the accident of the Concorde aircraft from 2000

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After 12 years after the tragedy, a French court dismissed the Continental Airlines air carrier, currently part of United Continental Holdings, involved in the collapse of the Air France Concorde aircraft.

On July 25, 2000, the BAC Concorde 101 F-BTSC (MSN 203) aircraft, which was to serve flight AF 4590 on Charles de Gaulle International, Paris - John F. Kennedy International, New York, crashed shortly after takeoff. . The plane crashed into a hotel in Gonesse, France. 100 passengers and 9 crew members died, as well as 4 people on the ground.

A Continental Airlines driver and even the American carrier were charged with manslaughter. Following the accident investigation, it was discovered that a piece of titanium, which fell on the runway from a McDonnell Douglas DC-10 Continental, resulted in the flames crashing of the Air France Concorde aircraft. It was proven that the piece did not meet certain aviation industry standards, but the accused parties are not guilty of producing the accident.

Shortly after the accident, Concorde aircraft were withdrawn from the operational program. The costs too high for maintenance, but also the beginning of the economic crisis led to the cancellation of the Concorde program!

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