Copenhagen, by story (Guest post by Oana Groza)

Copenhagen, by story (Guest post by Oana Groza)

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Starting this year, Airlines Travel will also publish readers' travel stories. Anyone wishing to share our flight or travel experience can do so by sending text to sorin @ We recommend writing the text with diacritics and accompanying it with good quality photos.

We start the series of these stories with a guest post by Oana Groza, which contains useful information and practices about Copenhagen.

Hans Christian Andersen, the famous Danish author, said at one point: "Life itself is the best story". The supplement I would make in his quote would be: "The life you spend, discovering the world around you, becomes the most beautiful story".

Hans Christian Andersen is one of the best-known authors in Denmark, the country I chose to visit during one of the summer holidays in 2016.

For the chosen data, I found the most convenient solution to reach the Danish capital airBerlin flight. I flew on the Bucharest - Copenhagen route via Berlin. We had a short stop in the German capital and then a flight of about an hour to Copenhagen. 4 hours lasted my trip from Bucharest to Copenhagen, which is quite impressive and gives you the opportunity to take full advantage of the day of arrival.

NEW ROUTE: Bucharest - Copenhagen with Blue Air, from 2 June to 2017

I spent part of my vacation in a small town near Copenhagen, named after Humlebaek, a neighbor of Helsingor. Kronborg Castle is located in Helsingor. It is said that here was the action in Hamlet and everything from here is very easy to go to Sweden. A few hours are enough to visit this small town.


But let's get back to Copenhagen. I can say that it is a city suitable for a city break, and 3 days are enough to discover the Danish capital. With a little organization, you will be able to discover the most important places. But you must "feel" the city and analyze it as you like.

I took it step by step, with the camera ready to capture unusual moments such as: the World Congress of Santa Claus, held in July (probably this is normal, Santa is busy in December).


A day in Copenhagen cannot be complete without the traditional visit to the statue of the Little Mermaid, the protagonist of one of Andersen's best known fairy tales. It is full of tourists and very difficult to capture it alone for a photo, but not impossible.

Walking around the city, I also discovered some attractions such as: the impressive Fountain of the goddess Gefion and of her four sons, turned into oxen, and said to be fortunate; The Marble Church; Royal Palace Amalienborg - Denmark is, in fact, a monarchy; The Royal Library, also called the Black Diamond because of its appearance; the Stock Exchange building, with the dragons on the roof that intertwine their tails, symbol of the connection between Denmark, Sweden and Norway; Round tower, an old astronomical observatory that offers a panorama of the city; the building of the town hall; Tivoli Gardens, where there is a large amusement park, but also restaurants and cafes.

Finally, it should not be omitted either The new port, full of color, where you can enjoy a quiet lunch on the water's edge and take classic photos with the yellow inscribed NYHAVN 17 building.


If you want an even more relaxed setting, you can give it a try Copenhagen Street Food, a huge hall with stands equipped with international food and drink. If it's a sunny day, you can sit on one of the loungers or even on the water's edge and enjoy the scenery of the story unfolding before your eyes.

Last but not least, a special area is Christiania, which is considered not to be part of the European Union and is forbidden to take pictures. It is advisable not to run away because this creates panic. My recommendation would be to go there the day, accompany and listen to the locals. Again !!! Do not take pictures.


I hope I have aroused your interest in Denmark. Copenhagen is a vibrant city, full of energy and excitement. Feel the relaxation of people, their openness to the new, tolerance and increased level of civilization. You enjoy street shows and ice cream. I cannot say that it did not seem to me sometimes a colder city, which keeps you at a distance if you do not know it and you do not slip on the less busy streets. Apart from Port, I didn't find it as colorful as Amsterdam, but here is just my subjective opinion. The Danish capital is full of stories and it's a place you can't help but come back with beautiful memories!

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