Coronavirus: 300 Delta Air Lines aircraft remain on the ground. 40% of flights will be canceled.

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On Friday, March 13, 2020, Delta Air Lines announced that it would reduce transport capacity, cancel up to 40% of flights and hold ground clearance of up to 300 aircraft.

In the current context of the epidemic with the new Coronavirus, but also due to the state of emergency established in the United States, airlines are required to reduce the number of flights, close routes and hold hundreds of planes on the ground.

Delta Air Lines will hold 300 aircraft on the ground

Delta Air lines is one of the affected airlines the largest airlines in the world. It has announced that it will cancel all flights to Europe for 30 days, with the exception of flights to London. And it will adjust its operational program according to the existing demand. Reducing transport capacity and canceling up to 40% of flights will result in the parking of 300 aircraft.

CEO Ed Bastian mentioned that he will not receive the salary for the next 6 months. And Delta Air Lines needs government support. He acknowledges that the situation has worsened from day to day. Demand has dropped dramatically, and ticket passengers want to cancel future trips.

An increasingly serious situation. The coronavirus outbreak is spreading, and global commercial aviation is increasingly affected. Hopefully the time will come when things will return to normal.

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