Coronavirus: Norway sends 200 homeless Romanians to Romania

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Authorities in Oslo have announced that they will repatriate 200 homeless Romanians. A charter flight (the airline has not yet said) will be operated on the direction Norway - Romania to repatriate 140 homeless people from the Roma minority. The charter flight is organized by the Oslo authorities together with the Red Cross and the Salvation Army and was announced by the mayor of the city, Raymond Johansen.

The flight will take off from Oslo Gardermoen Airport on Wednesday, having as its final destination Bucharest. In a press release, the Oslo authorities mentioned that several groups of Romanians, who lived on the streets of the city, many of them since 2007, have requested to return to the villages and cities of origin to be close to their families. . They are worried about their health because of the pandemic with the new Coronavirus.

The decision to prepare a charter flight comes just days after local authorities in Norway sent a 63-Roma bus to Romania. There is confirmation that it has reached its destination. However, land transport is no longer an option at this time.

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