Coronavirus: Air France reduces flights to northern Italy by 30% and Europe by 20%

Coronavirus: Air France reduces flights to northern Italy by 30% and Europe by 20%

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The epidemic with the new Coronavirus expands and makes new "victims" in the aeronautical industry. Air France announces a 30% reduction in the number of flights to Italy. While the number of flights in Europe is reduced by 20%. Currently, flights from / to Romania are not affected.

Currently, Air France continues to maintain active routes to all destinations in Italy. However, this situation may change from day to day, depending on the decisions of the authorities in the affected areas. We mention that Italy reports 7365 cases with the new Coronavirus, and 366 people lost the fight.

Air France reduces flights to Italy by 30%

Among the most affected destinations in Italy, we mention: Milan-Malpensa, Venice and Bologna. Air France supports passengers and offers alternatives to all those booked before March 31st. They can delay travel or request the reimbursement of air tickets, without paying other taxes.

Air France - KLM Group acknowledges that it is going through a period of crisis, one that is similar to those experienced after the September 11, 2001 and 2008 financial crisis. fly.

The Franco-Dutch group has already announced several austerity measures, such as postponing or canceling all non-operational expenses. It stopped the investment projects and blocked the hires for all the departments of the company. Partial unemployment and unpaid leave are taken into account.

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