Coronavirus: An Airbus A340 Iberia, landed in Guayaquil, Ecuador (VIDEO)

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The paranoia of COVID-19 leads to extreme actions. The mayor of Guayaquil, Ecuador, blocked the landing of an Airbus A340-600 Iberia. The local authorities motivated the action as normal when Ecuador closed its borders for foreigners.

The mayor feared that the aircraft would bring sick passengers from COVID-19 and asked the folding machines and the municipal authority to block the runway of the airport. Normally, the government approved the repatriation flights, except that the local authorities did not agree.

An Airbus A340 Iberia aircraft, blocked to land in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Surprised images from a helicopter. You can see the cars of the municipality of Guayaquil, Ecuador, as they block the track.

In fact, the Airbus A340-600 Iberia aircraft operates flight IBE6453, arriving without passengers from Madrid. Its mission was to take over Spanish citizens trapped in Ecuador. Because it had nowhere to land, the plane was diverted to the capital of Ecuador, Quito.

An Airbus A340 Iberia aircraft, blocked to land in Guayaquil, Ecuador

Nicolás Romero, the head of the airport authority in Guayaquil, said that the cars of the municipality entered the runway at the orders of the mayor and he has no further information. "I do not understand what happened". The case will be investigated at national level.

We mention that the city of Guayaquil is the largest in Ecuador, with a population of over 3 million inhabitants.

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