Coronavirus: ANPC provides some advice to tourists and travel agencies in the context of COVID-19

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These are difficult times for the tourism industry and for all tangential sectors: horeca, transport, public food, etc. It is a huge pressure on the travel agencies and on the airlines, mostly tourists wishing to repay the money. In situations of force majeure, ANPC comes with a series of tips for tourists and travel agents, and below you have the official press release.

In the context of the pandemic caused by the new coronavirus, which has repeatedly affected the ordinary life of citizens, starting with the sphere of mobility, which also includes tourism activities, the National Authority for Consumer Protection (ANPC) is able to make a series of recommendations to all interested consumers :

- in order to prevent the excessive increase in the level of congestion of travel agencies - concerned these days to advise those interested in how the current global health crisis could change their holiday plans for this year, it is advisable to follow up with attention to the evolution of the situation related to the spread and control of the coronavirus pandemic, at the level of each country, from credible sources of information, as official as possible;

- the situation must be dealt with calmly and with understanding, as travel agencies are required during this period to focus, as a matter of priority, on departures scheduled for the next period.

Repayment of money or rescheduling trip

If you plan to travel with the start date in the next 14 days, which you now wish to cancel, we recommend that you make a written request for a refund of the money already paid to the economic operator. The Agency can propose the following two options for resolving the situation:

  • or it will start all the necessary steps to recover the money from the tourism service providers, so that your request will be successfully completed in a timely manner;
  • or, upon your request, you will receive a document attesting to your commercial claim and giving you the possibility that, at a later date, after the end of the pandemic period and its effects, you will travel under the same conditions as those initially contracted to the destinations. chosen by you

ANPC urges patience and understanding

We recommend, however, that you take into account the large number of situations in which the tourist services cannot be satisfied at the moment, due to the crisis situation that has arisen in the last weeks, and to treat with patience and understanding the steps taken to successfully solve your requests. ., even though, due to the crisis situation, it may take a little longer than normal.

We remind you that the destinations in the red zone category, affected by COVID-19, are at this time the following:

  • Italy - the whole country;
  • China - Hubei Province, including Wuhan City;
  • South Korea - Daegu City, Cheogdo County;
  • France - regions: Hauts de France, Île de France, Grand Est, Bourgogne France Comte, Auvergne Rhones Alpes;
  • Germany - regions: Baden Wurttemberg, Bayern, Nordrhein Westfalen;
  • Spain - Madrid region.

In the context of the situations generated by the spread of COVID-19 virus, for any destination from the red zone affected and taking into account the component of the purchased service, the economic operator will be able to refund the value of the reserved travel service, as soon as it receives the money from the local suppliers involved in the transaction.

If you wish to obtain the reimbursement through your own intervention, the economic operator will make available the contact details of the contracted service providers.

We remind you that the destinations in the yellow zone category, affected by COVID-19, are at this time the following:

  • China - other provinces and cities in mainland China, other than the red zone,
  • South Korea - other counties and localities, besides the red zone,
  • Germany - Heinsberg district of North Rhine Westphalia),
  • Iran - the whole country,
  • France - other provinces than the red zone,
  • Spain - other provinces, apart from those in the red zone.

Travel in the yellow areas can be canceled with the corresponding contractual penalties

In the context of the situations generated by the spread of COVID-19 virus, for any destination from the yellow area, the traveler will be able to cancel the travel service according to the contractual conditions agreed at the time of his reservation, with the application of the penalties in the contract.
For any other destination, the traveler can cancel the reserved travel service, in compliance with the agreed contractual conditions.

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