Coronavirus: China is helping Italy with aid and coronavirus specialists

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The Coronavirus outbreak seems to be prevalent in Europe, especially in Italy. According to the latest reports, Italy registered 15,113 cases, of which 1,016 people have lost their lives and 1,258 people were healed.

Given that the epidemic spreads to most European countries, countries such as France or Germany have refused to help Italy. After all, these countries also need resources. Romania has banned the export of medical equipment and drugs, which could be used to combat the epidemic with the new Coronavirus.

China is helping Italy

9 experts-china-aid-Italy

Given this situation, China has decided to send 9 Coronavirus experts and 31 tons of help, including plasma from cured patients, antiviral drugs, medical equipment. Including 1.000 fans, 100.000 masks, 20.000 protective equipment, 50.000 tests. According to statements made by Chen Haitao, deputy head of Ruijin Hospital, the aid sent will help Italians build 30 intensive care units.


The Chinese also sent masks, fans, monitors, defibrillators, all equipped with operating manuals and interfaces in English. The equipment can be used immediately. We mention that these aids are offered with the support of the Red Cross of China and Italy.

9 experts-china-aid-Italy

The special flight MU787, on the route Shanghai - Rome, was operated by China Eastern Airlines with an Airbus A350-900.

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