Coronavirus: JFK - New York Airport Control Tower Temporarily Closed Due to COVID-19

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According to a statement issued by the FAA (United States Federal Aviation Administration), the air traffic control tower at New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport (JFK) has been temporarily closed. A technician was found positive with COVID-19.

However, the airport remained open to air traffic, with arrivals and departures having some delays. Air traffic controllers have moved to another secured area to continue directing air traffic.

The JFK - New York Airport control tower has been temporarily closed

Such cases were also confirmed at Midway Airport in Chicago and McCarran Airport in Las Vegas, temporarily disrupting air traffic.

The technician found in New York had not climbed the control tower on March 16. But the FAA decided to sanitize and disinfect all equipment for employee safety.

Unfortunately, the new COVID-19 is not seen, felt or heard. You don't know where it may be, and you don't know when you're getting infected. Symptoms appear within a few days. For these reasons, if you can get the job, you are not required to work, at home.

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