Coronavirus: As of March 30, the entire easyJet fleet is on the ground.

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Starting with 24 March, easyJet has reduced operational activities by 90%. And by default most aircraft remained on the ground. It continued to operate a number of strategic flights to / from the UK and repatriation flights.

However, as of March 30, the entire easyJet fleet is on the ground and no commercial flights are operating. The decision is based on travel restrictions imposed by the governments of European countries. EasyJet has a fleet of 337 all-Airbus aircraft. We see it all over the world bizarre images from airports - parked planes, empty airports.

The entire easyJet fleet is on the ground

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In recent days, easyJet has operated approximately 650 repatriation flights and has transported over 45000 passengers to the UK. Some of these flights were operated on Sunday, March 29, 2020.

toată flota easyJet este la sol

EasyJet representatives have announced that they will work with authorities to operate repatriation or humanitarian flights, as requested. easyJet takes all the necessary measures to reduce expenses and to get through this critical period. Has concluded a collaboration agreement with the United Union, which concerns the shipping staff.

The agreement will enter into force from April 1. It will be valid for a period of 2 months, during which the easyJet employees will receive 80% of the average salary through the government's job retention scheme.

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