Coronavirus: Boeing 787 Royal Jordanian Airlines Disinfection (Photo)

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Earlier this month, the governments of several European countries and other regions organized evacuation / repatriation flights of citizens from Wuhan, China.

One of these flights was operated by Royal Jordanian Airlines, which used a Boeing 787 Dreamliner to repatriate more Jordanians, Palestinians and Arabs.

Disinfection of Boeing 787 Royal Jordanian Airlines

disinfection boeing 787 royal jordanian airlines

After the flight was operated, the aircraft went through an extensive sterilization process. The seats, the ventilation system, the sanitary installations, the aircraft hold were cleaned and disinfected. The best cleaning tools, solutions and equipment were used. The entire protocol was performed by a team specialized in such actions.

The sterilization and disinfection process was carried out in three phases and lasted two hours, following the international standards of civil aviation authorities and the Boeing protocol in this regard. In theory, this process eliminates bacteria, viruses and fungi 100%.

And certainly all the planes used in such missions were disinfected. As well as ambulances or cars used to transport suspects infected with the new coronavirus.

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