Coronavirus: Romania - Spain flights will be suspended for 14 days

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This evening, the Minister of Internal Affairs, Marcel Vela, and the secretaries of state Bogdan Despescu and Raed Arafat, submitted, starting at 21:00 pm, a press statement at the MAI headquarters, according to hotnews and Agerpres.

One of the announced directives, aimed at combating the spread of the new Coronavirus, refers to flights to / from Spain. Thus, for 14 days, starting with March 18 (18:00), all flights Romania - Spain will be suspended.

Other measures taken by the Romanian authorities

  • The activity of serving and consuming food and alcoholic beverages is suspended, organized by restaurants, hotels, cafes or other public places inside or outside the location.
  • It is allowed to organize activities that do not involve staying customers in locations.
  • It is forbidden to organize any event that involves the participation of over 100 people in open spaces.
  • All drivers of freight vehicles with a capacity of more than 3,5 tonnes are required to have protective means at the border crossing: disinfectant, gloves. Those arriving from red or yellow areas do not undergo quarantine measures if they do not show symptoms at the border.
  • The assemblies and subassemblies of medical equipment manufactured in Romania for beneficiaries from outside are not subject to export restrictions.
  • All flights to Spain and from Spain to Romania are suspended for 14 days. The measure takes effect from March 18 at 18 pm.
  • We extended the measure to suspend flights to and from Italy for 14 days from March 23.
  • The measures do not apply to state, humanitarian or emergency flights.
  • I issued an order stating that during the state of emergency the police will operationally conduct through the county inspectorates the local police.

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