Coronavirus: Lufthansa cancels 7100 European flights in March

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Due to the exceptional circumstances caused by the spread of coronavirus and the drop in demand, Lufthansa decided to reduce the number of flights by up to 25%.

Cancellations and frequency adjustments also result in the holding of 150 aircraft on the ground (125 for short and medium flights / 25 for long-haul flights). The Lufthansa Group fleet currently comprises approximately 770 aircraft, including 180 long-haul aircraft.

Lufthansa cancels 7100 flights

Starting today, March 5, route cancellations and frequency adjustments will be implemented successively, and affected passengers will be informed of operational changes. By the end of March, Lufthansa cancels approximately 7.100 flights: 3.750 flights operated on 75 routes from Frankfurt and 3.350 flights operated on 65 routes from Munich.

Lufthansa will cancel numerous domestic flights, which operate from Frankfurt to Berlin, Munich and Hamburg; as well as from Munich to Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Bremen and Hanover. But the German carrier will take care not to cancel routes. In other words, it will offer numerous other flight alternatives to passengers on those routes.

A significant number of flights will be reduced on routes to Italy. This includes destinations: Milan, Venice, Rome, Turin, Verona, Bologna, Ancona and Pisa.

In addition to domestic flights to Italy, flights to Scandinavia, Great Britain, Poland, Russia, France, Spain, Portugal are also canceled. It is not excluded to see canceled flights from / to Romania.

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