Coronavirus: Lufthansa intends to reduce operations by 50%. All A380 aircraft, on the ground.

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The epidemic with the new Coronavirus is spreading more and more in Europe. In these exceptional circumstances and due to the drastic drop in reservations, Lufthansa Group has decided to further reduce transport capacity.

Initially, Lufthansa Group airlines announced a 25% reduction in operations, including cancellation of 7100 European flights. But it is not excluded that the reduction of operations to be up to 50%. Lufthansa Group continues to suspend flights to China, Iran, South Korea, Italy.

And, for the first time since the outbreak of the epidemic with the new Coronavirus, Lufthansa plans to retain the 14 Airbus A380 aircraft in its fleet. Initial, Lufthansa has announced that it will detain 150 planes on the ground, 25 of them being for long-courier flights.

Lufthansa plans to hold all A380 aircraft on the ground

These measures are taken to reduce financial losses. At the same time, Lufthansa Group has blocked all development projects, blocked hires, plus other economic measures taken to protect liquidity reserves. Lufthasa Group employees will be sent on unpaid leave or legal leave.

No estimates have been made regarding the financial status. Lufthansa Group will publish some key figures on March 19, 2020.

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