Coronavirus: Lufthansa reduces the number of flights in Europe by 25%

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Because of the new Coronavirus, humanity has gone crazy. Thousands of flights have been canceled, stock exchanges are declining, dozens of regions affected, several cities closed or traffic restricted.

And China's madness is moving to Europe. After the outbreak of the Coronavirus outbreak in northern Italy, Wizz Air has decided to cut up to 60% of the number of flights operated to Europe.

Lufthansa reduces the number of flights in Europe

But it is not the only company with such measures. Lufthansa has decided to reduce the number of short and medium flights in Europe by 25%. And depending on the evolution of the epidemic, the situation may return to normal or many more flights will be canceled.

And this is not all. Lufthansa Group airlines continue to reduce the long-haul operational program. Thus, more and more aircraft dedicated to long-haul flights will remain on the ground. 23 Lufthansa Group aircraft will be stored on the ground.

It is premature to be able to estimate financial losses. But Lufthansa has announced that it will present some data and statistics on March 19, 2020.

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