Coronavirus: Norwegian cancels 4000 flights and retains 40% of its long-haul fleet

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Pandemic with the new Coronavirus (COVID-19) continues to make victims in Europe. There are thousands of new cases registered in most European countries every day. To stop the spread of the pandemic in the United States, White House officials have announced that they are restricting access for European citizens to the US.

Most airlines in Europe are affected by the American decision. Thousands of transatlantic flights are canceled. Air France adjusts flights to the US, starting March 14, 2020. Airlines from Lufthansa Group will continue to fly to the US, but with the adjustment of the operational program.

Norwegian cancels 4000 flights

Nor does Norwegian do very well. In the following period, the Scandinavian air carrier, will cancel 4000 flights, will retain 40% of the long-courier fleet on the ground and will (temporarily) lay off about 50% of the employees. All departments will be affected by temporary layoffs.

Flights operated from Rome to the United States will be canceled by the end of May. From March 29 to the end of April, all flights from Paris, Barcelona, ​​Madrid, Amsterdam, Athens and Oslo to the US will be canceled.

Customers affected by these operational changes will be contacted by Norwegian to discuss available options. If you have flights scheduled after April 15, the recommendation is to not call the airline and be patient.

However, Norwegian was "suffering" before the pandemic with COVID-19, but the situation worsened in the current context. It remains to be seen how he will manage to deal with the crisis.

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