Coronavirus: Project Sunrise Qantas entered "quarantine". Qantas postpones order for A350-1000.

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It would be Australia at the end of the world, but it was still affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. And by default the airlines on the island-continent were affected. Qantas, Australia's airline, had to reduce the number of flights and retain part of its fleet on the ground.

Not to mention the amount of financial losses, Qantas presented a drastic economic plan to deal with the current situation. Coronavirus quarantined Project Sunrise. Qantas has asked Airbus to extend the order placement deadline for the 10 A350-1000 aircraft. Currently, the term is until the end of March, but the current situation is not favorable for such an investment.

Qantas postpones order for A350-1000

Before the appearance of Coronavirus, Qantas had big plans with Project Sunrise. The first official flights were scheduled for 2023 and again the aircraft of choice is Airbus A350-1000. The situation has changed radically today.

It should be mentioned that the air carrier Qantas reduced its transport capacity by about 23% due to the drop in demand until mid-September. Held on the ground including the Airbus A380 aircraft fleet.

Qantas officials hope to avoid layoffs. And Alan Joyce, the executive director of the Australian airline Qantas, will most likely give up his salary for several months. Any money matters!

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