Coronavirus: Qantas will suspend all international flights and 60% of domestic flights

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Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison on Thursday announced that he has decided to ban the access of all foreign nationals who are not resident in the country. Morrison argues that the measure was taken because most cases of coronavirus infection came from abroad. Australia has so far reported about 600 cases of coronavirus infection.

This decision will suspend all international flights operated by Qantas and Jetstar Airways, which were scheduled to end March. Scheduled international flights will continue until the end of March to help repatriate Australians, then be suspended until at least the end of May 2020.

Qantas has suspended all international flights

As a national carrier, Qantas is in talks with federal government authorities about operating strategic routes.

Over 150 aircraft will be detained on the ground, including all Airbus A380, Boeing 747, Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner and Boeing 787-9 Jetstar aircraft. Qantas negotiates with airports and government authorities to park these aircraft. The CARGO fleet will operate smoothly, ensuring the exchange of vital goods during this critical period.

And the other subsidiary airlines will suspend their flights, in whole or in part. Jetstar Asia (Singapore) will suspend all flights between March 23 and April 15, 2020. Jetstar Japan has suspended international and domestic flights. Jetstar Pacific (Vietnam) has suspended international flights and will significantly reduce domestic flights.

Qantas suspends 60% of domestic flights

On domestic routes, Qantas with Jetstar and QantasLink will continue to provide connections to all local destinations. Up to 60% reduction of flights will be done by reducing frequencies and not suspending routes.

Thus, Qantas airline is forced to send a large part of its 30 employees by the end of May 000 to the technical unemployment. Even the president and general manager of the group will not take a salary. Also all bonuses were canceled.

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