Coronavirus: Qatar Airways launches new policy to purchase air tickets, providing maximum flexibility for passengers

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In the current context, with an outbreak of a Coronavirus epidemic, airlines are taking special measures to prevent financial losses and to provide support to passengers.

Since the outbreak of the epidemic with the new Coronavirus, the tourism industry has been the most affected. In particular, the aeronautical industry. Passengers avoid flying and no longer have the courage to make plans for the 2020 holiday. Airlines have been forced to cancel thousands of flights in order not to operate on empty planes.

Qatar Airways has launched a new policy for the purchase of air tickets

Qatar Airways raises and comes with a new commercial policy, giving maximum flexibility to passengers. In other words, all passengers, who have booked or want to book airline tickets by June 30, 2020, will have the flexibility to change their travel plans.

I can change the reservation dates or change the ticket on a 1 year travel voucher. Both changes can be exempted from the related taxes if they are applied up to three days before the travel date. But the difference in rates may apply.

This commercial policy is designed to give Qatar Airways passengers confidence and peace of mind when booking future airline tickets. The epidemic with the new Coronavirus is unpredictable and the data of the problem can change from day to day, thus risking the vacation of many of us being affected.

In addition to commercial measures, Qatar Airways maintains the highest standards of hygiene. These include regular disinfection of aircraft, the use of cleaning products recommended by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and the World Health Organization (WHO) and special training of personnel.

In addition, Qatar Airways aircraft are equipped with the most advanced air filtration systems. They are equipped with HEPA filters of industrial size, which removes 99.97% of viruses and bacteria from the circulating air, offering the most effective protection against infections.

Qatar Airways has taken special hygiene measures, including on equipment used in aircraft. Cutlery, tableware, blankets, upholstery on chairs, all of which are sanitized and sterilized. We remind you that the operator Qatar Airways has been voted the best airline in the world.

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