Coronavirus: countries in the red zone and countries in the yellow area. See if you go into quarantine or isolation at home! (update 23.03.2020)

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The Coronavirus pandemic spreads alarmingly quickly every day. Thousands of new cases are being announced all over the world, but mainly in Europe. Until the present, 340,032 people were detected with the new COVID-19 virus, of which 14,704 they died again 99,016 they have healed.

For about 2 months, China - the Hubei region was the epicenter of the epidemic. And for about 4 weeks, the epicenter has moved to Europe, more precisely to Italy. And from here in most European countries. And globally, the Coronavirus Pandemic has been declared.

And, inevitably, the COVID-19 virus arrived in Romania. Currently, 433 cases are reported, out of which 62 have been cured and 3 deaths have been reported. And certainly the number of infected will increase.

In order to limit the spread of the virus and to control the situation of those arriving in Romania, the National Institute of Public Health divided the affected countries and areas into colors: red and yellow.

The countries in the red zone

If you come to Romania from a country or region in the red zone, you will automatically enter institutionalized quarantine for 14 days, ie in specially arranged places. From the red zone are: China - Hubei region;
Italy - the whole country; Iran - the whole country; South Korea - Daegu (city) and Cheongdo (county).

Countries in the yellow zone

If you come to Romania from a country or region in the yellow area, you will be automatically insulated at home for 14 days. Countries and regions on the Galabian list: Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Czech Republic, Chile, South Korea - the part of the country that is not in the "red zone", Denmark, Ecuador, Switzerland, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Israel, Japan, United Kingdom, Malaysia, Norway, Holland, Pakistan, Poland, Portugal, People's Republic of China - the part of the country that is not in the "red zone", Spain, the United States of America, Sweden and Turkey.

We mention that on the yellow list are countries and region where there have been over 500 cases registered with the new Coronavirus. List updated on March 23, 2020 (the list will be updated frequently) based on the decision no 10 of 14.03.2020 of the National Committee for Special Emergency Situations.

About Coronavirus / COVID-19 we recommend that you inquire from reliable sources such as National Institute of Public Health in Romania. Travel alert information and useful information from and from Ministry of Interior.

The team comes to your aid and centralizes the tag Coronavirus as much information as possible in the commercial aviation industry. The Coronavirus pandemic has hit hard in global tourism and commercial aviation. Hundreds of thousands of flights have been canceled, tens of countries have closed borders for foreigners, airlines are forced to hold hundreds of planes on the ground and send thousands of employees into the line without pay. About 3 months passed, during which time everything changed on this planet.

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