Coronavirus: Ryanair reduces flights to / from Italy by 25%. See the affected flights from Romania!

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As we expected, more and more airlines cancel flights from / to Italy. In most cases, these flights are canceled for commercial reasons. Passengers refuse to travel to Italy, and the number of reservations is declining.

Ryanair's decision will affect 25% of all scheduled flights to / from Italy between March 17 and April 8, 2020. However, Ryanair may change these measures at any time. Multiple flights may be reduced or the operational schedule returned to normal.

All airlines are interested in flying, keeping routes open. But I can't fly with empty planes. At the same time, it must comply with the rules imposed by the authorities and only passengers and crew are in the first place.

Schedule of flights operated between Romania and Italy:

  • Bucharest - Bologna - 5 weekly flights (Monday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday);
  • Bucharest - Bergamo - from 5 flights to 4 weekly flights (Monday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday between March 17 and March 29). From March 29, the number of flights will increase to 6 per week;
  • Bucharest - Milan Malpensa - from 7 to 6 weekly flights (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Sunday). Since the summer season, Ryanair has reduced the number of flights to 4 per week, but not because of Coronavirus.
  • Bucharest - Palermo - unchanged schedule (Tuesday and Saturday);
  • Bucharest - Pescara - unchanged schedule (Tuesday and Saturday);
  • Bucharest - Pisa - unchanged program (Mondays and Fridays in March / Tuesdays and Saturdays in the 2020 summer season);
  • Bucharest - Rome Ciampino - from 7 to 6 flights per week (excluding Tuesdays);
  • Timisoara - Bergamo - from 5 to 2/3 weekly flights.

We will come back with information!

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