Coronavirus: TAP Air Portugal temporarily reduces operations

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The Coronavirus pandemic has brought hundreds of airlines to the ground, both on their own and on their own. It has resulted in the cancellation of tens of thousands of flights. And the most drastic measure taken by the countries of the world was to block the borders.

In this context, you can hardly fly without risking quarantine or isolation of at least 14 days.

TAP Air Portugal has decided to suspend most flights. The company faces, like many others, a drop in demand for air tickets and new travel restrictions imposed on passengers.

TAP Air Portugal temporarily reduces operations

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The drastic reduction of the operations will also lead to the blocking of the planes on the ground. Much of the TAP Air Portugal fleet will be retained on the ground. And all these actions will also lead to unpaid leave. Antonoaldo Neves, CEO of TAP, hopes that the situation will not last long and everything will return to normal.

All those affected by the canceled flights are guided on the site to get their voucher in the amount of the amount paid on the ticket. With this voucher, passengers can book another trip, anytime until December 31, 2020, to any destination on the TAP Air Portugal network. Reservations are made on the TAP Air Portugal website. ATTENTION: you can make your reservation up to 24 hours before the departure date on the first flight.

But it all depends on the evolution of the pandemic with the new coronavirus and how humanity will manage to master the new COVID-19. Until then, #stacker!

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