Coronavirus: TAROM operated a charter / humanitarian flight to Venice - Bucharest

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Solidarity in times of crisis - TAROM conducted a humanitarian race. A Boeing 737-800 aircraft of the TAROM company performed today from Bucharest to Venice and back, a humanitarian flight that aimed at the repatriation of the Romanian employees of an Italian company.

The National Air Transport Company has responded to the request of the Brăila Shipyard to carry out a flight that would transport Italian employees blocked by the coronavirus crisis to Italy on the Braila platform, and also bring more Romanian citizens to work in the branches of Italy of the same company in the country.

TAROM operated a charter / humanitarian flight

The TAROM aircraft took off from the Otopeni airport with 23 Italian citizens, Thursday, March 19 at 13:50 PM, and landed in Venice at 15:00 PM. The return flight, with 122 Romanian citizens on board, was scheduled to depart from Venice at 16:00 local time and landed in Bucharest at 20:00 local time.

For the safety of the crew and passengers, a representative of the Emergency Department was on board to carry out safety training and to provide assistance throughout the flight. To prevent the spread of COVID-19 infection, the aircraft went through all disinfection procedures before and after each flight segment, and the crew used special protective equipment.

humanitarian flight tarom

“We are at a time when we are appealing, more than ever, to responsibility, both individual and corporate. The initiative of the company that owns the Brăila Shipyard to stay with its employees, and to bring them home, is for us the example of solidarity we are talking about these days. We were pleased to be able to contribute to this endeavor with the entities from the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure and Communications, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Prefecture of Braila, and with the support of DSU we made sure that all passengers, but also our flight crew, traveled in safety. I hope that in the shortest time we can return to the normal schedule and continue to be with all the passengers of TAROM Company, as we have done successfully so far. ”Said TAROM General Manager, Mr. George Barbu.

PHOTO: TAROM / Bucharest airports

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