Coronavirus: TAROM will reduce activity after March 21, 2020

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The Romanian national company has announced that it will decrease its activity after March 21, 2020. Until then, TAROM will operate normally, as much as possible, given the restrictions imposed by certain countries, on domestic and international routes.

TAROM has always been about people. That is why, even in these difficult moments, your safety and that of those around you are the priority of the Company.

But the thought also flies to Romanians who want to be with their families, in the emergency situation we are facing. And they will go home. Because nowhere is it better.

TAROM will reduce activity

TAROM has only one goal: to bring Romanians back home. Therefore, until March 21 (inclusive), TAROM will operate normally. After this date, it will reduce destinations and frequencies.

The details of the flight plan valid after March 21 will be published on the official website of Facebook TAROM and on the site, as soon as possible.

We advise all passengers to take advantage of the next period to schedule a return to the country. You can find the contact details for the ticket changes in the link below

We will be back with the TAROM operational program! We remind you that TAROM will suspend flights from Romania to Spain starting tomorrow, March 19th.

TAROM, like all airlines operating flights to and from the countries affected by COVID-19, is currently facing an unprecedented situation.

Measures taken globally to prevent the spread of the new virus and limit the epidemic are also affecting the TAROM flight plan. Thus, to comply with the authorities' recommendations, one of the measures the company will take is the temporary suspension of flights to certain destinations.

The safety of TAROM passengers and crews has always been and will remain the main objective. Therefore, TAROM will keep in operation only flights that are considered safe and from the point of view of limiting the COVID-19 epidemic, adapting continuously to the regulations of the authorities in the field. All TAROM aircraft comply with the authorities' recommendations and are regularly disinfected.

In order to be able to respond to all requests, TAAROM has decided to extend the Call Center program during this period - to the number 0219361. You can also contact them at the email address [email protected]

Together, wherever we are!

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