Coronavirus: All flights between Romania and Italy will be suspended between March 9 and April 5, 2020

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Update 18.03: Romania - Italy flights will be suspended until April 5, 2020.

Acting Minister of the Interior, Marcel Vela; Acting Minister of Health, Victor Costache; Transport Minister Lucian Bode announced the suspension of flights to and from Italy.

Officials announced the stop of flights to / from Italy, at all airports in the country. The restriction applies between March 9 (12:00) and March 23 (12:00). Wizz Air has already canceled flights on routes to northern Italy. But the new restrictions apply to all routes.

All flights between Romania and Italy will be suspended

The Romanian authorities explain the situation and say that the 14 days are in accordance with the law established in the European Commission. The Romanian Civil Aeronautical Authority will issue a NOTAM announcing this flight restriction. The Civil Aviation Directorate of the Ministry of Transport notifies the European Commission of this decision. The Romanian Civil Aviation Authority also notifies EUROCONTROL.

At this moment, the flights operated from Rome, Turin, Bologna, Naples, Pisa and Catania to Suceava, Craiova, Cluj, Iași, Bacau, Timisoara, Bucharest are targeted.

According to the figures presented at the press conference, the number of weekly flights between Italy and Romania was reduced from 186 to 72. And the loading rate is below 50%. And from March 9, all flights will be suspended.

"The air operators have the obligation to communicate to the Romanian citizens, who will embark on direct or scale flights from Italy, China, Iran, South Korea to Romania, the fact that they will be quarantined on the territory of Romania and assume this responsibility through completing a declaration on your own responsibility for boarding the aircraft ”, said Marcel Vela.

Air operators have the obligation not to allow the boarding of foreign nationals, who come from Italy, China, Iran, South Korea to Romania.

Romanian citizens, arriving from China, Italy, South Korea through land border points, will be quarantined within the border county or isolated at home, Marcel Vela announced. Foreign citizens, who come from the "red" areas with the COVID-19 epidemic, can enter Romania only under the mandatory quarantine measure.

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