Coronavirus: Wizz Air Automated 120% Voucher Repayment Process

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Wizz Air announced today that due to the significantly higher volume of flights canceled due to travel restrictions imposed to combat the COVID-19 pandemic, it has automated the voucher reimbursement process 120% of the original fare, the amounts being credited by the company in the WIZZ accounts of its customers.

In parallel with the introduction of the automated reimbursement process, the airline will temporarily deactivate its online application registration function, by April 14, 2020 at the latest, to ensure it can handle the volume over 100 times the cancellations received in the last one. period.

120% voucher refund

Wizz Air wants to assure all its customers that, even if it may take longer than usual, all requests will be handled and customers will be eligible for a refund for the flight or flights canceled.

While the automatic reimbursement process for travel agencies is being developed with high priority, Wizz Air is asking travel agencies to contact the airline's call center.

Passengers who have made reservations through travel agencies - including online travel agencies - should contact the company from which they purchased their tickets.

In this extremely unusual time, please be patient and use as much as possible of the individual management Wizz Air platforms, accessible from incoming emails, to minimize traffic to our extremely busy call centers.

Although it is beyond the control of Wizz Air, the airline apologizes for the inconvenience that travel bans and, implicitly, cancellations could have caused and reassures that demand management and reimbursement are a top priority.

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