Covasna, the land of hundreds of mansions and ancient crafts

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During the period 20-22 September 2016, we started with the Travel Focus Association to discover the Szeklerland, especially Covasna County and its surroundings.

From the beginning I was aware that 2 days are not enough to be able to discover everything the area has to offer, but everything has a beginning. And I was able to get an idea of ​​the region.

Covasna, the land of hundreds of mansions

On September 20, at 08:30, we started on the route Bucharest - Sf. Gheorghe - Arcuș - Tălișoara. I didn't set out with preconceived notions. I knew we were going to a controversial region. You have probably heard of Harghita and Covasna counties, which want territorial autonomy (some want). Or the people from these areas who do not want to speak Romanian. Let's get out of clichés and not draw conclusions from what we hear.

I had the pleasure of discovering welcoming, warm, hospitable and eager people to promote their local values ​​and traditions. We spoke in Romanian, we spoke a lot in Romanian, we laughed, we joked, we had fun. It was 2 full days and I left thinking I would return to Covasna.

What prompted me to leave with this thought? The pleasant experience lived in this corner of the country and the curiosity to discover more and more.

There is no point in speaking in metaphors and epithets. And I'd better take a few pictures.

Private museum, collection of over 550 irons (Arch Village).





Other objects exhibited in the private museum!





The pictures say a lot and yet I could not include all the objects seen in this private museum. It is something unique in Romania and I recommend you to go and visit it.

Unfortunately, the site of the museum is in Hungarian. We recommend a Romanian version and an English version. Whoever wants tourists, must communicate with them.

The Szekler National Museum (Sf. Gheorghe).














I was pleasantly surprised to discover here part of the history of the Szeklers in Romania. Unfortunately, the time is too short to visit. Details on the site of the museum!

The blacksmith in the "Forest Land" (Tălișoara)

One day I embarked on a magical journey through the "Land of Forests". We "boarded" in a wagon and started to roam the surroundings of the Baraolt area. I searched for the treasure at the root of a tree, drank water from the well of life and rode the reed to the blacksmith. At the same time, the blacksmith warmed our throat with a very good claw and offered us the joy of the local soul in a slice of bread with greases and onions.









Daniel Castle in Tălișoara

We had the accommodation at Daniel Castle in Tălișoara. A mansion saved from degradation, and now offers spacious rooms and intimate lounges, thick walls and graceful arches.








I had an artistic moment, rest, but also fine and tasty menus. What more can you want from the accommodation? Each room is unique and I invite you to access photos the site of the hotel.

I hope we caught your attention with these photos and made you curious to visit these places. Covasna people want to develop tourism in the area, but they are at the beginning of the road and are taking small steps.

From what I noticed, quick access can only be done by car. More difficult by train or other means. There's a lot of work to be done in infrastructure. There are 232 kilometers between Bucharest and Tălișoara, a road that can be done in about 3 hours, theoretically. Basically, the road can last longer because there are regions with streamers, there are sections of road with pits, etc.

Covasna, the land of the manors

Finally I left the 100 mansions in the Bigfalău area, Covasna. In Covasna County there are over 110 castles and mansions with invaluable historical and architectural value. Many of them did not belong to the boyars, but to the commanders.





I liked the area and I would have liked to know many more stories about these mansions. But the short time only gave us the opportunity to visit some of them. Some at an advanced stage of degradation, others rescued by the locals. In the future, I hope that the authorities will get involved in their rescue and turn them into accommodation units. In vain do we see them, if we cannot enjoy an experience lived in a decades old mansion.

My conclusion is a positive and delightful one. I was pleased to discover new beautiful places in Romania and I was delighted by the ones visited and lived among these people. I was glad to see how ancient crafts were practiced and I appreciated how they preserved their history, their history.

Apparently, tourism in Covasna is on the right track, but it needs infrastructure and diversity. And especially for AirlinesTravel, we learned that Covasna County encourages the construction of the airport in Brasov. Having said that, I recommend that you go and walk around these areas. I don't think you'll get bored.

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