COVID-19 Daily - August 10, 2021: The Modern Vaccine is more effective against the Delta variant; increases the number of serious cases in France; Germany stops the free trial campaign!

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The COVID-19 pandemic continues to cause casualties, contribute to blockages and generate billions of dollars in losses globally. New variants of COVID-19 are increasingly making their presence felt even in Europe. Let's see the news of COVID-19 from August 10, 2021!

  • Moderna's mRNA vaccine appears to be more effective than the one produced by Pfizer-BioNTech against the Delta variant, according to medical reports. In a study of more than 50.000 patients, the effectiveness of the Moderna vaccine against Delta infection decreased by about 10% compared to the 30% decrease in Pfizer. 
  • ÎIn France, the number of coronavirus patients in intensive care units (ICUs) rose on Monday, exceeding the threshold of 100 people, for the first time since April. Although it is significantly lower than the number recorded at the peak of the third wave, when more than 6 patients were in intensive care, the increase reflects the evolution of the pandemic in France. The daily average of new cases exceeded 000 people found positive. 
  • Germany wants to end free coronavirus tests in October. The proposal is to be discussed by Chancellor Angela Merkel and German state leaders. The tests have been free since March, when the vaccination campaign was underway. But now, when 55% of Germany's population is fully vaccinated, there are questions about the subsidy for tests as long as the vaccination is free. In other words, people can get vaccinated, why endure the German state and testing?

ESwitzerland has approved a second vaccine, developed by Moderna, for young people aged between 12 and 17 years. We remind you that the Pfizer vaccine for teenagers was also approved in June.

  • Fans attending Premier League football matches have to deal with random checks - either proof of complete vaccination or the result of a negative lateral flow test - in some stadiums in the first weeks of the new football season. 
  • Neggs coronavirus patients died in a Russian hospital from the south of Vladikavkaz after an oxygen pipe burst in underground, interrupting the supply to an intensive care unit.
  • PItalian police dismantle another network selling fake health permits on the Telegram mobile messaging app. Police have so far closed 32 similar groups on the Telegram, offering fake permits for up to 500 euros / piece ($ 588).
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