COVID-19 Daily - August 14, 2021: Germany updated the red list; The Netherlands and Norway are considering lifting some restrictions; Russia reported a record number of deaths with COVID in 24 hours!

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We continue the series of articles with and about the COVID-19 pandemic. Every day, there are news about the evolution of the pandemic and the measures adopted by European countries, but also by all other countries globally.

  • Russia again reported a record number of deaths in 24 hours. On Saturday, 819 people died of covid disease, bringing the country's total to 169. This is the third day in a row that Russia has reported a record number of deaths. 
  • Germany has updated the red list of countries at high epidemiological risk, with Israel, Turkey and the United States added. Portugal has been demoted and is no longer a high-risk area, with the exception of Lisbon and the Algarve.
  • The Dutch government could lift the social distance rules on September 20, but Prime Minister Mark Rutte said it was necessary to keep pandemic restrictions, including keeping nightclubs and restaurants closed after midnight.
  • The Norwegian government will end restrictions on the COVID-19 pandemic. Universities will be able to continue teaching in classes, but other limits will remain until September.
  • The UK will reduce the cost of travel tests by the National Health Service and revises the list of private suppliers to ensure that prices are transparent. Currently, in order to travel, the British have to be tested, the travel industry declaring that the cost is too high.
  • The Dutch Formula 1 Grand Prix will remain scheduled for September 5. The grandstands can be filled to two-thirds of their original capacity. F1 is set to return to the Zandvoort circuit west of Amsterdam for the first time since 1985.
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