COVID-19 Daily - August 25, 2021: English football clubs have decided to ban foreign players from participating in international matches; Japan will extend the state of emergency for a second week

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The Covid-19 pandemic does not seem to want to go away, the countries are still affected and a fifth wave is expected.

  • The protection offered by two doses of Pfizer-BioNTech and Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccines begins to disappear in six months, stressing the need for a third dose, said researchers in the UK.
  • According to researchers at The Economist Intelligence Unit, countries that have vaccinated less than 60% of the population will experience a combined loss of $ 2.3 trillion over the next three years.
  • English football clubs decide to ban foreign players from participating in international matches which will take place in September in countries with a high epidemiological risk to avoid the 10 days of quarantine imposed on their return to British territory by the Government of London. It's about the World Cup qualifiers.
  • Free testing for unvaccinated people in Greece will end on September 13th, because the government is trying to encourage more people to get vaccinated and eliminate the possibility of a new epidemic wave with the Delta variant. About 53% of the population is completely vaccinated. Authorities hope to increase this figure to 70% by autumn.

Russia has reported 809 coronavirus-related deaths, a record high, amid rising numbers of COVID-19 cases with the Delta strain and slow vaccination rates.

  • The World Health Organization (WHO) has sharply criticized inequalities in access to vaccines during a virtual annual meeting of African Health Ministers.
  • Japan will extend the state of emergency for a second week, adding more prefectures, due to the increase in the number of Delta variant infections. The measures come with the start of the 2020 Paralympic Games, which are currently taking place in Tokyo.
  • According to the Spanish Ministry of Health, the country recorded a daily death toll of 190. This figure is a small decrease from the figure for Monday 201. The biggest fear of Spaniards is that a possible increase in the number of cases would force the UK to put the country on its red list, which means that anyone arriving from Spain should to be quarantined for 10 days on his return to the United Kingdom. However, the latest news shows a decrease in infections, which means that the country is likely to remain on the yellow list of Great Britain. The news is a boost for the country's tourism industry, which relies - largely - on UK tourists.
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