COVID-19 Daily - August 26, 2021: Japan will stop using 1.63 million doses of Modern vaccine; YouTube has removed over a million misinformation videos

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The pandemic does not take into account the approach of the weekend or the approach of the cold season.

Spanish pharmaceutical company Rovi, which "bottles" Modern vaccines to markets other than the US, he said investigates possible contamination of Moderna doses in batches destined for Japan. Thus, Japan will stop using 1.63 million doses of Modern vaccine after the contamination of several vials was reported, according to drug manufacturer Takeda and the Ministry of Health.

• The search for COVID-19 origins has "stopped", according to scientists commissioned by the World Health Organization. In an article published in the scientific journal Nature, scientists say that "the window of opportunity for this crucial investigation is closing quickly" and warns that some studies will be "impossible if not continued."

Pfizer / BioNTech vaccine marginally increases the risk of heart inflammation, but the risk is higher among those infected with coronavirus, showed a study published in the New England Journal of Medicine.

The Confederation of African Football has called on the British government to leave the African players - hoping to return to their home countries next week - to participate in the World Cup qualifiers.

YouTube has removed more than a million videos containing "dangerous coronavirus misinformation" since the beginning of the pandemic. Social media is accused of contributing to the spread of misleading ideas about viruses and vaccines.

The pharmaceutical company Johnson & Johnson said that a second dose of its vaccine will increase the immunity conferred by the first. In two clinical trials, the results of which have not yet been presented to the scientific community, the additional dose generated antibody levels nine times higher than those observed four weeks after the first dose, J&J said in a statement.

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