COVID-19 Daily - July 9, 2021: Germany classifies Spain as a risk area; England raises self-isolation for vaccinated residents; the Delta variant is more aggressive!

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The COVID-19 pandemic is dynamic, and the situation is changing from day to day. The Delta variant is much more aggressive and will become globally dominant. There are countries that tighten anti-covid measures, others relax them. All this time Pfizer Inc prepares the third dose of vaccine for long-term immunization. Let's see what's new today!

  • Greece will announce plans for compulsory vaccination for some workers, especially in health and care. The country's bioethics committee recommended the months required that health workers and staff in nursing homes be vaccinated.
  • German pharmaceutical company BioNTech and its partner Pfizer are seeking approval to administer a third dose of the vaccine. They say that an extra dose can increase immunity against the Delta variant. 
  • Luxembourg Prime Minister Xavier Bettel left the hospital after being hospitalized on Sunday. Bettel was reportedly infected with the new coronavirus before attending an EU summit in Brussels last week.
  • Germany intends to classify Spain as a risk area, according to German newspapers. This would mean that those who will travel from Spain to Germany to test negative for a COVID-19 test to avoid quarantine.
  • MSpain's tourism minister, Reyes Maroto, said the country was safe and could be visited despite an increase in the number of new cases. "We cannot measure the epidemiological situation solely on the basis of the cumulative incidence."

The French Minister of European Affairs also advised tourists not to travel to Spain or Portugal.

  • Fully vaccinated residents in the UK will no longer have to be quarantined if they return from a yellow country. People returning to England from countries such as the USA, Greece, France, Romania or Spain will still have to be tested before and after the trip. The UK is also expected to announce plans for non-residents and foreigners vaccinated abroad who want to travel to England.
  • The Delta variant is more aggressive and represents 50% of the new cases reported in France. It is expected to be the dominant strain by the end of this weekend, according to the country's health minister, Olivier Veran.
  • As of Friday, fully vaccinated Czechs will no longer have to be tested or quarantined when returning from abroad, no matter where they traveled. The new rule applies to Czech citizens and people with long-term residence in the Czech Republic, who will only be required to complete an arrival form if they are fully vaccinated - even if they return from countries that the government has considered high risk. 
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