COVID-19 Daily - July 21, 2021: France reported 18000 cases; EMA analyzes Sanofi vaccine; The United Kingdom reported 96 deaths with COVID-19; players withdrawn from the Olympic Games!

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Situated pandemic is getting worse in Europe. France has reported 18 new cases in the last 000 hours, and the UK has reported 24 deaths with COVID-96, the highest number in 19 months. The situation at the Olympic Games is not too rosy either. Let's see the news of COVID-4 from July 19!

  • France reported, on Wednesday, about 18 cases in the last 000 hours, a 150% increase in new cases compared to the previous week. The Delta variant is spreading aggressively in France.
  • Starting Wednesday, people wishing to go to cinemas, museums, sporting events and other cultural places in France will have to present their health permit - proof of vaccination or a negative COVID-19 test.

The mask was reintroduced outdoors in Toulouse and neighboring cities, as well as in the southern area, on the border with Spain.

  • The European Medicines Agency (EMA) has begun evaluating the vaccine developed by the French company Sanofi. It is a two-dose vaccine that can be stored at room temperature. Preliminary studies have shown that it may be effective in protecting against the virus. The EMA is currently examining four other vaccines for authorization, including Sputnik V in Russia and Sinovac in China. 
  • British Prime Minister Boris Johnson stressed the importance of self-isolation for those who are alerted by the application of the National Health Service. The application notifies those who have been in contact with people found positive for COVID-19. The application instructions are not legally applicable.
  • The UK has reported the highest number of deaths in 24 hours in four months. 96 deaths with COVID-19 were reported on Tuesday.
  • Rthe door produced its first batch of Sputnik V vaccine in Vietnam, in cooperation with the Vietnamese pharmaceutical company Vabiotech, as announced by the Russian Investment Fund. Local vaccine production in Vietnam should facilitate vaccination efforts in the country, which is facing a new wave of infections.
  • The first athletes to withdraw from the Tokyo Olympics due to COVID-19 are: Chilean taekwondo competitor Fernanda Aguirre and Dutch skateboarder Candy Jacobs. After a positive virus test, they will be isolated for 10 days, according to Japanese rules. Jacobs said he was "heartbroken."
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