COVID-19 Daily - July 26, 2021: The vaccination certificate will be mandatory in France; the president of Tunisia dismissed the government; China reported 76 new cases!

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A new day, new information about the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic and what other measures countries are taking. China is starting to report new cases, France is adopting the national vaccination certificate, and Tunisia is facing a new political crisis. Let's see the news of COVID-19 from July 26!

  • The President of Tunisia blocked the parliament and dismissed the government a few days after the protests over the increase in COVID-19 cases. The move appears to be supported by the military, but critics have called it a coup.
  • Ryanair reported a loss of $ 321 million in the first quarter. CEO Michael O'Leary a blamed the cancellation of Easter flights and slow recovery of flights due to restrictions imposed by EU countries in May and June". He added that there could be an increase in demand by September, as large parts of Europe will be fully vaccinated.
  • London's Heathrow Airport has called on the government to ease travel restrictions so that vaccinated passengers catch up with the rest of Europe. Europe's busiest airport has suffered a $ 4 billion loss due to the pandemic.
  • U.S. government infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci said Sunday that some Americans may need new vaccines on as cases increase and the Delta variant spreads. He added that health officials are think, of also, whether to revise the mask recommendation for vaccinated Americans. 

China has reported 76 new cases

  • The Dutch rowing team is isolating itself in Tokyo and two tennis players have left the Olympic Games due to new cases of COVID-19. Despite the restrictions, the pandemic greatly affected the Tokyo Olympics. So far, 16 athletes have been tested positive and, in general, there have been 148 cases related to the Olympics. 
  • Vaccination certificates could soon become a constant presence in France, as the country's parliament has voted to extend the president's decree to make health permits mandatory in some places. The new legislation would make the vaccination certificate mandatory for visiting restaurants or cafes and even for traveling on intercity trains.
  • Irish people vaccinated or recovered from the disease can dine indoors in restaurants, pubs and cafes. It is estimated that 68% of adults in the country have been fully vaccinated, but hospitalizations are also steadily increasing.
  • China has reported 76 new cases, prompting authorities to test millions of people. The country has a zero-risk approach to the pandemic and has closed its entrances to cities due to the emergence of small groups.
  • Russia reported 23 new cases and 239 deaths on Monday, raising the total number of reported cases to 6. The death toll in the country reached 154.
  • Number cNew azures in Germany could grow to about 100 a day in the next few months, according to Chancellor Angela Merkel's chief of staff. He also suggested imposing restrictions on people who refuse the vaccine.
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