COVID-19 Daily - September 28, 2021: Ireland relaxes quarantine rules; France will no longer settle anti-COVID tests; Britain will call on the army…

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Earlier this week brought more news about the COVID-19 pandemic. There are countries that have announced the relaxation of the rules, others that will apply more severe measures. People are beginning to resign themselves and respect the new rules applied by most European countries. Below you have some of the most important information about COVID-19:

  • Austrian voters have elected a candidate from an anti-restriction party in parliament. Formed in February, party Menschen-Freiheit-Grundrechte (People-Freedom-Fundamental Rights) wants an immediate end to blockades, compulsory vaccinations and mask requirements. 
  • The pandemic caused the largest drop in life expectancy since World War II and so far, according to a study published by Oxford University. The study looked at 29 countries and found that there was a reduction in 27 of them. For example, the life expectancy of men in the United States has dropped by more than two years. In 22 countries, life expectancy has decreased by more than six months compared to 2019.

People traveling to Ireland from "high risk states" will no longer have to stay in institutionalized quarantine at the hotel. Since March, about 10.300 people have had to be quarantined in a hotel for two weeks after entering the country. Of this number, approximately 600 were tested positive. 

  • From 15 October, France will no longer reimburse (no longer reimburse costs) tests for non-medical reasons. They will still be free for minors only. The new policy aims to encourage vaccination and reduce the costs of public money. In 2020, France spent $ 2.2 billion to settle the tests.
  • COVAX is reviewing how it distributes vaccines after the UK received half a million doses, while Botswana, which has not started vaccination work, has received only 20.000 doses. The UK has also received more vaccines than Libya, Togo and Rwanda. This is due to the fact that the organization's initial distribution methodology was based on the population of the member country, but not on the percentage of that population already vaccinated.
  • Britain is considering using the military to make deliveries and supplies after saying it is facing a truck driver crisis, partly caused by Brexit and the pandemic. It is estimated that half of the country's fuel pumps have dried up, according to the Oil Traders Association, whose president Brian Madderson blamed the "panic over-purchase". 
  • In France, the number of protesters who oppose the green pass is declining. Last weekend it was estimated that about 64 people took to the streets against the new restrictions, down from the previous weekend when more than 000 people were estimated. The decline was even greater than on August 80, when more than 000 protesters were registered.
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