EU COVID-19 digital certificate to be the only recognized vaccination / testing certificate at the border crossing on 13 August

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The Ministry of Internal Affairs informed that, from August 13, the digital certificate COVID-19 will be the only evidence of vaccination / testing recognized at the border crossing.

Thus, from August 13, for the crossing of state borders, at the level of EU countries, only digital certificates, documents containing a QR code and documents will be recognized as documents proving vaccination, passing through the disease and the negative result of an RT-PCR test. which can be released very easily by accessing the site If you have been tested or vaccinated in other European countries, you must download the EU COVID digital certificate from that country's platform.

Crossing borders is possible even without the existence of these certificates, but in compliance with the national quarantine rules of each state. These provisions are stipulated in EU Regulation 953/2021 and are applicable only for the crossing of the state border, not for the activities carried out inside the national territory of Romania.

COVID digital certificate - the only document proving vaccine / tests / cure after the disease

It should be noted that the Covid-19 EU digital certificate can be presented in digital format or printed on paper. It's important to have that QR code. It is obtained FREE of charge from the site mentioned above. It can be issued in the national language and English.

In other words, you can no longer pass with other papers or test / vaccination certificates issued so far by the test and vaccination centers. Automatically, after you have been vaccinated / tested (PCR or antigen - depending on the destination country) / cured by covid, download the COVID digital certificate from the official website.

Eu I downloaded the EU COVID Digital certificate in just 3 minutes. Because I am vaccinated, I chose the vaccine certificate! Which we recommend to you too! Passengers with the European COVID digital certificate no longer go through DSP control from Henri Coandă - Otopeni airport!

  1. Cami says

    Hi! Do you know where in Greece you can download (we need a child, 11 years old, after the holidays)?

      1. Cami says

        Thank you!
        I also found the link for Greece:
        You can add it to the list, if you want, because I see that it is not.

  2. Alina says

    I don't really understand ... I don't want to travel by car from Germany to Romania on August 20, unvaccinated. According to that list from August 12, Germany is on the green, so I shouldn't take another test, right? But from the article it is understood that you need to test pcr and that code rq. Please clarify
    . Thank you

    1. Sorin says

      Read carefully. Nothing changes regarding the travel conditions. Respect them as before, depending on the destination country. It only changes the way you prove vaccination / testing…

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