COVID triage form, upon entering Romania. Fill it out before you reach the DSP checkpoint!

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Upon entry into Romania, all persons must complete a COVID triage form which must then be handed in to a DSP representative at the airport or at the border point.

The first step is to fill in the phone number, where you will receive an SMS with a unique validation code in order to complete the form. The information that must be filled in the triage form necessary to enter Romania are: name, surname, CNP, date of birth, country from which the person comes.

The triage form is in fact a statement by which the person in question finds out if he has to stay in solitary confinement or quarantine, and in this case he must mention the address where he will stay during this period.

Those vaccinated against Covid-19 should not be quarantined if they come to Romania from areas on the yellow or red list. However, unlike the yellow list, those who come from red list countries are not exempted from quarantine if they present a negative PCR test. Those who come from the green area no longer need any documents.

On July 15, Romania updated epidemiological risk list: red, yellow, green!

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