Craiova-Rome (Fiumicino) -Criova with Carpatair from 20 to 2013

Craiova-Rome (Fiumicino) -Criova with Carpatair from 20 to 2013

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Taking into account the increased demand during the summer season, Carpatair reintroduces from 20 to 2013 the direct flights on the Craiova - Rome (Fiumicino) - Craiova route. The flights will be operated three times / week, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, according to the schedule below:

Craiova - Rome (Fiumicino)
18: 05 - 19: 05 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)
Rome (Fiumicino) - Craiova
14: 35 - 17: 30 (Monday, Wednesday and Friday)

The flights will be operated by Fokker 100 aircraft! The price of air tickets will start from 19 EUR / segment + taxes. I made a simulation for the period 25 May - 1 June and got a price of 168 EUR. I remind you that Carpatair is full-service.

craiova_roma_craiova (Click on image to enlarge)

  1. Asun says

    it deserves sir, all the interest. More serious is that the aircraft begin to be desirable.

  2. [...] Despite recent problems, Carpatair is continuing its work and doing well. Also from May, Carpatair will also open the Craiova - Rome route. [...]

  3. cristian says

    carpatair, some thieves we hope to go with wizz on the route craiova rome

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