Cuban flight crash CU972 - a Boeing 737-200 crashed near Havana

A Boeing 737-200, operating the CU972 flight on the Havana-Holguin route, collapsed near the Havana airport. There were 104 passengers and 9 crew members on board. The aircraft departed from Havana-José Martí International Airport (HAV / MUHA).

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UPDATE 12:08 / 19.05.2018 - National mourning was declared in Cuba. The Havana authorities, as well as several state leaders, expressed their condolences to the families and relatives of those on board.

Boeing expresses its condolences to the families and friends of those on board the 972 flight, operated by Global Aerolineas Damojh, on behalf of Cuban Aviation. A Boeing technical team is ready to provide assistance in accordance with US law.

UPDATE 10:35 / 19.05.2018 - Press release issued by Global Air


UPDATE 10:25 / 19.05.2018 - The official information regarding the number of people on board the plane also appeared. According to Cuban authorities, there were 104 passengers on board, including a 2-year-old child, and 6 crew members. 3 people survived and 107 people were declared dead.

UPDATE 10:25 / 19.05.2018 - As we announced to you last night, the aircraft involved in the accident is Boeing 737-200 XA-UHZ Global Air (Aerolíneas Damojh, SA de CV). According to DGAC information, the aircraft underwent a thorough technical inspection between 21-24 November 2017.

UPDATE 10:21 / 19.05.2018 - Havana officials announce that the 3 survivors are in critical condition, but kept alive. Last night there was information that one of them had died, which is not confirmed.

Update 23.55 - The latest information points to the Boeing 737-200 XA-UHZ Global Air (Aerolíneas Damojh, SA de CV). He was almost 39 years old after operating the first flight. The aircraft was manufactured in 1979, and the first flight was operated on July 15.07.1979, XNUMX. also announced the composition of the cabin crew:
Flight Commander: Cap. Jorge Luis Núñez Santos with license number 200101720, valid until 25 February 2021.
First Officer: Cap. Miguel Ángel Arreola Ramírez with license number 200105860, valid until 19 June 2020.
Flight attendant - cabin captain: María Daniela Ríos
Accompanying on board: Abigail Hernández García, Beatriz Limón

UPDATE 23:38 - "Global Air does not have a website in operation and its Facebook account contains a telephone number that communicates with a private address." In other words, Global Air is hard to find.

UPDATE 23:05 - According to the statement made by Calixto Garcia, an employee of the Havana hospital, one of the 3 patients, who were hospitalized in a serious condition, died due to burns and other traumas. The other 2 patients are in critical condition.

UPDATE 22:50 - Cubana de Aviacion airline has displayed the telephone numbers to which the families of the passengers of flight DMJ972 can call (the code confirming the airline Global Aerolineas Damojh). As I told you below, this flight was operated for Cubana de Aviacion under the code CU972.


According to statements made by Mercedes Vázquez, the director of Air Transport, this was a flight of Damojh Aerolíneas (Global Air Mexico), but made on behalf of Cubana.

Initially, the idea that it was a Blue Panorama Airlines aircraft had been conveyed. The latest information says that it is the Boeing 737-200 (XA-UMQ) aircraft of Global Air.

CU972 Cubana flight accident

The plane had 105 passengers and 9 crew members on board. According to statements made by the Cuban president, there seems to be a large number of victims, but a number of deceased have not yet been estimated. It looks like there are 3 survivors. They were hospitalized in critical condition!

In the vicinity of the airport, there is a huge column of smoke, and an impressive number of intervention forces (firefighters, police and medical personnel) gathered on the spot. At this time, firefighters are fighting the flames, police and rescuers are looking for survivors.

According to Cuban state television, the aircraft crashed between the cities of Boyeros and Santiago de Las Vegas, after taking off from Jose Marti International Airport, headed by Holguin.


Returning to the Boeing 737-200 (XA-UMQ), it was 30 years old. Propulsion was provided by 2 PW JT8D-17 engines. The first flight operated on 31 May 1988. He also flew for Southwest Air Lines, Air Kazakhstan or Transocean Japan.

Other sources in Cuba say it would be a Boeing 737-500 (XA-UZK). I don't think it was an accident / aviation incident with so many contradictory jokes about the plane involved.

We will come back with information! Refresh the page for news!

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