Crazy Crosswind Landing in Dusseldorf with winds up to 110km / h (video)

Watch the video below, which shows the landing of Dash8 Q400 (D-ABQD) Eurowings, on the EW9141 flight from Sylt to Dusseldorf.

Yesterday, 18 January 2018, part of Europe was "swept" by a strong storm, which brought winds up to 200 km / h in some regions. Several airports in Germany and the Netherlands applied flight restrictions or were closed in the early morning hours.

Crazy Crosswind Landing in Dusseldorf

Also affected by the Friederike storm was the Düsseldorf International Airport. The wind shear winds reached 110 km / h. The aircraft landed in such conditions. Some may find them dangerous, others may say they are ordinary.

The airport in Dusseldorf is famous for such winds and the planes land in the crosswind. During yesterday there were several spectacular landings and takeoffs, but operated in complete safety.

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