Crosswind Landing - sidewind landing (video)

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Normally, it lands with the wind blowing in front to be able to control the aircraft in the event of stronger gusts. Windward landing is not recommended as there may be situations where the aircraft becomes uncontrollable.

Crosswind Landing - landing on Crosswind

But there are also situations when the pilots have to land with the wind from the side. This phenomenon is called Crosswind Landing and is taught at the pilot school. Depending on wind speed, aircraft type and runway, there are 3 ways that Crosswind Landing can be performed: De-crab, Crab and Sideslip.


I will not tell you about ailerons, braking speed, keeping the aircraft in a certain position, landing axis, touchdown etc. The point is, you don't have to panic when the plane makes such a landing.

Pilots are trained and prepared for such situations, and aircraft are designed to withstand such phenomena. You must listen to the instructions of the onboard personnel and wait quietly for the aircraft to reach the landing gate.

  1. Florin Dediu says

    Artists… superb landings. Especially the first one in video 2.

  2. Green says

    I don't know what it is like with Crosswind Landing but I was going to get the Otopeni pants with such a landing. For a second my heart was in place and I felt that the plane would hit the runway with the wing tip.

  3. Sorin says

    It can happen that an aircraft wing hits the ground. It's called - Wingstrike and I'll tell you in another article :)

  4. Sorin says

    Florin, and when you think it's a Boeing 777 - with 200-300 passengers on board :)

  5. Christian Vasile says

    These are great cross-wind landings.

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