Crystal AirCruises has taken over the Boeing 777-200LR

On August 1, Crystal AirCruises took over the Boeing 777-200LR, which is registered P4-XTL.

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On August 1, Boeing 777-200LR (P4-XTL) was delivered to Crystal AirCruises at Boeing Delivery Center in Seattle, Washington. The aircraft was delivered to Edie Rodriguez, CEO and President Crystal.

Boeing 777-200LR (P4-XTL) Crystal Skye will be able to accommodate up to 88 passengers in a luxurious setting. It has a flight range of up to 19.5 hours, giving travelers the chance to explore remote areas of the earth.

Crystal-Skye-Boeing-777 200-2LR
Photo by Joe G. Walker

Bespoke Crystal Exclusive Class chairs are designed to provide maximum comfort and comfort, turning into perfectly flat beds. During flights, passengers can socialize in the bar and lounge area. The menus will be prepared by an experienced chef and associated with premium wines from Crystal SkyeCellar.


Installation of the interior at Boeing 777-200LR began in August 2016. Everything focused on exclusive features: a lounge with 24 seats, a central bar, sofas, custom ceilings, the largest wine cellar on board an airplane and ample space for socializing.

Crystal-Skye-Boeing-777 200-1LR

Boeing 777-200LR (P4-XTL) Crystal Skye is operated by Crystal AirCruises by Comlux Aruba NV. The aircraft is 6 years old and flew in the Air Austral fleet. From November 2015, the aircraft was taken over by Crystal Luxury Air. Will operate charter flights under Crystal livery!

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