(Video) Bombardier CS300 - preparations for the first flight

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Bombardier is preparing for the first flight of a CS300 plane, the largest of the CSeries family. Initially, it was scheduled for February 26, but adverse weather conditions led to the long-awaited event being postponed.

Bombardier officials confirmed that ground tests have performed well, including the high-speed ground test. The first flight will allow the Canadian manufacturer to proceed to the next stage of aircraft development. The pilots will test the aircraft's systems at different altitudes and at different speeds. The next stages of development and approval depend on the first flight.

Bombardier is confident in the new CSeries aircraft family. The first 4 Bombardier CS100 aircraft, the smallest of the CSeries family, totaled 1000 flight hours, and Canadians say they are on the right track. Despite some technical problems occurring on the engine of a CS100, which resulted in the flight tests being stopped for a period of several months, the project has evolved quite well.

The first flight of a CS100 Bombardier took place on 16 September 2013. Shortly before 10 (local time), the first Bombardier CS100 (FTV1) took off from Mirabel airport, north of Montreal.

Let's hope that the first CS300 will manage to operate the first flight by the end of this month and run smoothly. Bombardier needs good news and trust in partners, especially after presenting the balance sheet on 2014, which was not too bright.

Bombardier received firm orders for 243 from CSeries family aircraft, including 180 from CS300 aircraft. In addition to these firm orders, Bombardier also has commitments and options for another 320 units. The Canadian manufacturer's target is for 300 of aircraft in firm orders until the entry into service of the first CS100, scheduled for Q4 2015.

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