With AirlinesTravel.ro report

With AirlinesTravel.ro report

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Last night I had the pleasure and honor to participate in a beautiful event - “Social Media and the Travel Blogosphere. New opportunities for promotion in tourism! ”- Turism Market brand. Several travel bloggers and representatives of travel agencies had the opportunity to discuss face-to-face about new tourism promotion opportunities.


The event was structured in three parts: the Social Media session, the presentations of the travel and networking bloggers. In the second part I came out with AirlinesTravel.ro to report. I had a presentation, a story, an idea, but they all disappeared when I got up to hold the presentation. What came out I don't know. I hope those present have understood that they are always with their heads in the clouds. Emotions ...!

Going through these aerial moments, I had the pleasure of seeing a lot of travel bloggers and staying in stories with different people in the tourism industry.


I "borrowed" the list of participants from the Tourism Market!

16 bloggers were present in the room: The Great World, Emperor Travel, Travel Girls, Viajoa, Elena Ciric, Digital Travel Guide 2.0, Airlines Travel, Free Leisure, Dan Chitila, Lucian Hirsu, Travels 360, Romania Wine Tasting, Singles Travel, Traveling , Urban Kid.

On the other hand, from the tourism companies, were present: Ministry of Tourism, FPTR, University of Bucharest, Infoturism, Qatar Airways, Happy Tour, TUI Travel Center, Accent Travel, Go Travel, Eximtur, Boutique Travel, Marco Tour, RezEx , La La Travel, Peter Express, Fresh Holidays, Klever Travel, Tez Tour, Explore Travel, Travel Maker, Romanian Airport Services, Carpat Bike, Hotel Deals, Continental Hotels, Hotel Ultima Frontiera, Perfect Tour, Drum Bun, Ana Hotels.

I would have liked to talk to several agencies, but unfortunately some left immediately after the presentation session. The reasons can be multiple, so I won't go into details. The important thing is that I felt good and stayed in the stories until they "kicked us out" of the hotel :).

Finally, congratulate the 2 hosts of the event for the organizational success: Carmina Niţescu (Tourism Market, also writes on Travel with a Smile or CarminaNitescu.ro) and Andrada Crangus (Tourism Market).

One of the slides looks like this!


I promise that next time I will be in better shape!

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  2. Carmina says

    Your report was very interesting. Congratulations! And most of all ... I know it was the first one

  3. Sorin says

    Next time it will be ok! :)

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  5. Mihai says

    Sorine, where could I see your presentation?

  6. Sorin says

    Leave, without seeing: D ... Next time: P

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