How do I get to the island of Thassos? You can get to Thassos by car, plane or bus!

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Thassos (or Tasos) is the northernmost of the islands of the Greek archipelago and is considered the emerald island of Greece. The coastline is rocky in the east and west and sandy in the north and south. The island is considered to be mountainous, the highest point being Ipsarion (1127m).

On the island of Thassos you will find a new beach at every step. Many of them have been labeled "blue flags", which means they are some of them the most beautiful beaches in Greece and the world.

  • Golden Beach is the most popular on the island, being just a strip of sand that attracts most tourists in the region. It has clear water, fine sand and gold. It is designed for sun loungers and camping, dotted with taverns, but is also ideal for beach sports and water activities.
  • In Thassos, more than 30 beaches offer tourists unique conditions and landscapes.

How do I get to the island of Thassos?

One of the most popular holiday destinations for Romanians is the island of Thassos. Every year, thousands of Romanians end up spending their holidays on one of the wonderful beaches on the island.

What are the travel options?

By personal car

The distance between Bucharest and Thassos is about 600 kilometers, but can reach up to about 800 kilometers depending on the route chosen. Therefore, most of those who choose Thassos as their destination go by personal car. There are several road routes on the route Bucharest - Thassos. Some are more difficult, some easier.

For experienced drivers, we recommend the route: Bucharest - Giurgiu - Ruse - Beala - Veliko Tarnovo - Gurkovo - Stara Zagora - Dimitrovgrad - Haskovo - Kardzali- Makaza - Komotini - Keramoti. It can take about 9 hours, but there is a risk that Makaza customs will be crowded in season. 

You can still travel the route Bucharest - Ruse - Beala - Pleven - Sofia (belt) - Kulata - Serres - Keramoti. This is an easier route, but with a length of about 800 kilometers.

In addition to fuel, a driver traveling to Greece will have to pay the Giurgiu - Ruse bridge tax, a Bulgarian vignette valid for a week or a month - depending on how long you are on holiday, the ferry between Keramoti - Limenas, but also a toll road in Greece.

By plane

For those interested in a trip to Thassos by plane, you can fly to Thessaloniki and then transfer to the island by rented car or taxi through the Kavala or Keramoti crossing points, from where you take the ferryboat to get to the island.

Also by air, can fly to Kavala International Airport (Kavala Airport "Alexander the Great"). From Kavala there are ferry connections to Skala Prinos and Limenas (Thassos). From Keramoti there are ferry lines to Limenas (Thassos).

By bus

The bus ride takes about 12 hours. It circulates at night, it stops every three hours for relaxation, toilet, lunch break, but the most important thing is that you do not drive and you can relax. You have the best chance of the bus stopping in front of the hotel. The comfort is not the same as in your own car and the road takes a longer time, but relaxation comes to the destination.

No matter how you choose to travel to the island of Thassos, the holiday is at your destination!

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