How about commuting daily by plane?

If we think about the joy of flying, it would be a beautiful dream. But from a time point of view, it's not that easy! For Curt von Badinski, the journey to work and back takes about 6 hours total and changes one plane and two cars!

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Curt von Badinski, a mechanical engineer and co-founder of a San Francisco-based company, commutes to and from Los Angeles. A plane, 2 cars, over 1200 kilometers and 6 hours - this is the daily commute that the young man makes between home and office. By comparison, the average time an American spends on work and back is 52 minutes!

One plane, 2 cars, over 1200 miles, 6 hours

His routine, for 5 days a week, involves waking up at 5 am and taking a 15 minute drive to Bob Hope Burbank Airport. From there, take the plane - the flight takes 90 minutes - to Oakland, located 568 miles from Los Angeles.

For daily air travel, pay 2.300 dollars a month to a California company, Surf Air. It offers unlimited flights on a single-engine plane.

In order to be able to board immediately, Curt von Badinski went through an extensive verification process. Thus, it no longer has to go through the security controls, but can embark shortly after getting out of the car.

From Oakland Airport, he takes the car - a hybrid model, also concerned about its impact on the environment - and goes to San Francisco, where he works.

Such a long shuttle does not come without challenges. In addition to the time spent on the road - which Curt uses to work - temperatures can vary, and it's not uncommon for it to be sunny in LA and cold in San Francisco. He must always be prepared!

At the end of the work day, at 17: 00, Curt travels back to the house, where he arrives around 21: 00. So, about 6 hours in total, and yet, Badinski said he is looking forward to it every day.

When I tell people about the shuttle I'm doing, they ask me 3 times: Every day? Every day? Every day? It amazes them that I can take off and land every day.

Curt founded the company in Los Angeles, but had to move to San Francisco for the city's potential in terms of human resources.

However, the entrepreneur cannot move his family there as well, so the only valid solution is the shuttle. This is how he manages to get directly involved in the activity of the company, to respond to business challenges, but also to spend time with his family.

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